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Ulead Cool3d 3.5 5 November 2001 The new version of Ulead COOL 3D, Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 has been officially submitted.
I shall not give a detailed description. There are enough Internet sites with professional descriptions and I would fail trying to compete with them. I simply have decided to take the list of new features from Ulead and comment on them.
In general, the program has remained the same and so has the interface. On the same computers (PII-233, PIII-800, P4-1.5) however, the new version works 10 percent faster.

Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 is available in retail and online stores for an estimated street price of $49.95 or $44.95 for a downloaded version.
Previous owners of Ulead COOL 3D may upgrade to Version 3.5 for $29.95.

For box version users - on the Cool3d CD available 6 models:

Ant Can Wheel

Sword Pen Ring

And now for the new features:

3D Vector- based Flash™ Output
  • EnVector module allows quick and easy rendering of 3D, vector- based Flash animations
  • Familiar Ulead COOL 3D, WYSIWYG editing environment
  • Elements can be reedited in Macromedia® Flash™
  • Move between main interface and EnVector with the touch of a button
  • Vector- based Flash™ files are optimal for scalability and lightweight file size
    A quite good piece. This additional program exports objects or animations in Flash (SWF format), but not a full picture, in vector. As far as I know the only other program that can do this is Vecta3D. But there are certain problems: very big size files. It is fine for a small project, but if you are working on a complex animation, you might want to forget it. Or prepare for long, drawn-out work...

    Text in Cool3DText in EnVector

  • Instant Wireframe for outputting objects with a unique look
    Wireframe mode allows faster previewing. The wireframe is useful as it can be placed on one or all objects. The color of the object is kept during wireframe mode. Besides being convenient for creating models, the wireframe can also be used for design decisions. (Look at the top of the page).

    Some objects wireframeAll objects wireframe

Plug- ins
  • Texture Emboss for giving texturized surfaces a realistic look
  • Lightning for electrical pulse effects
  • Wave Animation for text and objects
    Here we shall consider three new plug-ins effects.

    1. Emboss effect for textures. Earlier it was need to make embossing in the other graphic editor, and now it is direct in the Cool3d.

    2. This causes electrical lightning. For those who do not make animations, the gift is simply good lighting image, and for animators lightning can be set to jump on yours monitor, run under letters, and penetrate objects, like a tornado.

    3. Text Wave - Text can be set to move in waves. Probably for animators, it is especially for makers of titles.

    Electrical Lighting effect

Geometric Shapes
  • Single Cone
  • Frustum (Truncated Pyramid)
  • Metaball (Transcending Sphere)
  • Torus (For doughnut- like shapes)
    Additional shapes with more options. All of them simplify work and allow handy constructions. It is necessary to speak about the metaball separately.
    The metaball is a smooth transition from a sphere to a sphere. Look at the pictures below.

    Single Cone, Frustum, TorusMetaball

Advanced Input/ Output & Storage Options
  • Import Adobe® Illustrator® files into the Path Editor or workspace
  • Built- in Raster- and Vector- based Macromedia® Flash™ (SWF) export
  • RealNetworks® RealVideo® (RM) output
    Import - export new:

    1. Export to RealVideo: Only the text and without effects.

    2. I've already spoken about Flash.

    3. Import AI files. At last it is possible to drag in a professional vector file. For those who are not familiar, AI (Adobe Illustrator) files make vector graphics that do not even compare to EMF/WMF files.

That's all news. The rest also, as well as in version 3.0, if you have become interested can go and buy:

If you want to buy NEW Ulead Cool3d 3.5, you can open Ulead site under this link for support of my site, thanks.

Added new Picture to Jason Hubbard Gallery.

Added new Gallery of Jason Hubbard. Very nice!

New Gallery of Aragalion.

New work in Competition, autor - Michael Chia.

I started to work with the new version "Cool3d Studio", soon I shall write the review. And added new model - Legionar to the Gallery.

New work in Competition, autor - David Hacker.

Added Centurion Helmet to the Gallery.

Added picture "Battleship" and new version of Wallpaper to the new Picture Gallery

Battleship added to the Gallery.

New screenshot of the Battleship.

I begin new big project - Battleship.

New work in Competition, autor - Dr. Felipe Barron.

Added my new Gallery no.6, with PE-2.

Added to the Gallery Polaroid of Steven, very cool Model!
And I stopped my Model of PE-2, because of Problems with Textures.

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