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Models - Gallery of Jason Hubbard

The Cutlass
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

The Cannon
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

The Treasure Chest
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

The Pistol
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

The Parrot
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

The Ship
Jason Hubbard
Big picture

Jason Hubbard
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All objects are created in Ulead COOL3d™, with only EMF/WMF files and fonts, and without any use of DirectX files.

License:  All of the models available on this site for download may be used royalty-free in your own work if you give proper credit to cool3d.co.il (i.e., Some models provided by cool3d.co.il).

Warning!  For same models you must use personal fonts (for sample: Wingdings) and textures (metal, old metal, wood ...) and if you see damaged objects, change graphics or font.

  Work and Design: Popov Vladimir, Cool3design 2001-2004 © All right reserved.
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