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Tutorials - the basic details of a motorcycle

All sizes are given for conformity with effects, if you want to change the sizes it is necessary to arrange other parameters.

1. Fender

Creating front view, size 78x41

Bevel Mode=none Extrusion=1000
and add Bend effect (Look below)

Adding Token Skew effect (Look below)
and finish it up

Effect Bend:

Effect Token Skew:

2. Tank

Tank contur, size 118x52

Bevel Mode=Round, Extrusion=160, Weight=50, Border=40, Depth=150, Precision=9

Now finishing with Distort effect (Look below)

Effect Distort:

3. Handlebar

Handlebar drawing, 200x65

Bevel Mode=Round, Extrusion=0, Weight=5, Border=10, Depth=15, Precision=9

With Bend effect (Look below) we make necessary bend

Effect Bend:

4. Motor
The Motor consists of 3 parts. First of them should be black and not reflecting light (Light-Specular-Black), and two others - metal.




Bevel Mode=Round, Extrusion=50, Weight=0, Border=20, Depth=20, Precision=9

Bevel Mode=Round, Extrusion=54, Weight=5, Border=20, Depth=20, Precision=9

Bevel Mode=Round, Extrusion=90, Weight=0, Border=10, Depth=20, Precision=9

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