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Tutorials - General Advice No1 (Light, textures, EMF/WMF)

Reflected Light.
We all know that subjects reflect light differently, for example iron and a tree. If we use the default lighting, a tree texture reflects light too strongly (pict.1). How to reduce reflection? We go to "Color & Light" - Adjust: "Specular". We see that the color is white. So, white color - the maximal reflection, black - full absence of patches of light. A conclusion: playing with shades of grey it is possible to achieve any level of reflection (pict.2).


Flat - Texture is imposed on object
Cylindrical - Texture is imposed on thickness of object
Spherical - Texture is imposed on object and his thickness
Reflect - Texture stands on a place irrespective of the rotation of the object, creating the effect of reflection. This is a good approach for metal and other reflecting surfaces.

Import EMF/WMF
Bad in EMF: inexact curves are transferred.
Bad in WMF: a plenty of points on curves are added.

We shall show an example of how to import EMF/WMF, keeping parts together.
If we simply export two files, one for each object, when we import them into Cool3D we will lose the size ratio, and it is necessary to correct their size manually and the result is inexact.

It is better to do as follows: add a common rectangle around both objects and export everything as one file (pict.3). In the vector editor in Cool3d delete the rectangle. In this case, everything will have the correct size. Certainly, such way is necessary only in exact works.


To be continue...

Thanks to Marlene

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