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Tutorials - General Advice No2 (Groove, sphere with an aperture)

Creation a groove on a bolt

In the vector editor we create such artful figure: a circle with 4 triangular ledges where diameter of a circle is diameter of a bolt.

We expose parameters Bevel to receive length of a bolt.

Now on our object we impose effect Twist (turn Z on 360 degrees, it is a maximum).

We add head (hexagon with Flat Bevel) and the bolt is ready to the use :) .
Creation of a sphere with an aperture (I some times heard opinion, that in Cool3d it to make it is impossible)

We create a square with an aperture, the size of a square and an aperture you can be changed in a consequence on ready object.

We use effect Surface Animation - Sphere, only do not include Fit Surface, that will not be apertures from the back side.

We copy object, a copy we rotate on 180 degrees and we connect both parts in a sphere.

At the given stage we have received a hollow sphere with a through aperture.

It is possible to continue and receive full sphere. In the vector editor we create a ring appropriate on the sizes to an aperture in a sphere and with Bevel we adjust his length under our sphere.

And the sphere is ready.
In the given examples I did not pursue the purpose to learn you to make a bolt and a sphere, I simply show an opportunity of the program and that at connection to work of imagination, is possible to achieve interesting results.

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